Nico Whitehead Motor City Experience

My overall experience with the Motor City trip along with CAF enlightened me to a great ordeal. And I am now more self aware and conscientious of the Black mobility movement in Detroit. The movement itself was beyond significant and is very inspirational for my work as an artist. I was able to witness many historical monuments, revolutions, and of course the culture in the D. Detroit has a lot to offer for Black people, essentially it is home to “The Shrine of the Black Madonna” as well as the “Nation of Islam.” Two pivotal Black revolutionary party’s that were key to our survival at one time. And its also populated with about 80% of Black people which is empowering. The art and culture of Detroit was incredible and overwhelming. I really appreciated every visible object. It amazed me that everyone I came in contact with were self aware and self motivated to rebuild the city with art, history, and culture. What stood out in the trip was the church visit with Rev. Nicholas Hood. This was the first stop on our trip to Detroit and most memorable. I remember talking to him about the how his church is trying their best uplift and rebuild the city. His church opened up housing apartments for lower-middle income single parent mothers. They also opened up a charter school and day care for those children. This was much appreciate from me just to witness Black people giving back to community and doing all they can to aid the Black community. Finally the church gives a couple grand and scholarships to all its church members who are attempting to enroll in college. I also appreciate going to the Charles Wright Museum which is the largest African American history museum in the world. This was an all day experience and was well worth it. I left that place with memories and visual elements that will last me forever. Couple things stood out about the museum, one of which was the tour of the African American experience. This was a visual tour of it all, starting off to where we were living in Africa, to the slave trade, the auction block, to the 13th amendment, and finally showing the progression of Black people. The tour ended with a collage of our great revolutionaries, musicians, and artist. It felt so surreal being there with all those monumental images of my history, I felt empowered. The CAF performance was a success, and I appreciate being in a creative environment around a talented group of Black people. I believe we represented every element of the Detroit trip proficiently. I also enjoyed meeting new people and building new found friendship through our common bond of the BCC performing arts. Overall the Detroit trip as well as the CAF was very inspirational. I am now feeling more empowered and more self aware as a young Black artist.

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