“Why Detroit?” by Jasmine “Blondie” Morris


Why Detroit?

Coming to a city near you

Feature films of flickering hope

Misappropriation of land and funds

Leading to the miss-education of young ones

That were left in the factories that

Once produced young hot guns

That aimed the shot

of them owning their first car

Open scars, open stares

Wounds wound with barb wires

for other to look but never to touch

The truth behind the gossip

The worship of the media

History outsourced to Wikipedia

No need to feel, no need to know the story

A synopsis is enough

The Homicide of Detroit

Suicidal Detroit,

Damaged Detroit

Perpetuating its death and

Ignoring the possibility of its beloved rebirth

It’s worth can be found in black bodies

Migrating to blacktown, USA

Areas of growth and promise

And they do flourish not realizing that

Detroit’s demise is the blue print to their downfall

And its uprising is it’s life support

Written by: Jasmine “Blondie” Morris


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