Remembering Maya Angelou

In remembrance of Maya Angelou, we should not mourn so much the passing of one the world’s greatest voices, but celebrate a life, lived fully and freely shared. We celebrate a woman who possessed a poetic prowess that was only overshadowed by the melodic timber of her own voice. More than just a writer, orator, ambassador, and scholars, Maya Angelou was a fighter who drew upon the lessons of her own life to inspire, challenge, and cry with her readers. Though her young life was marked by tragedy and strife, so common in Black experience, she rose to the highest strata in the professional and spiritual realms. With a long list of influential friends, including both MLK Jr. and Malcolm X, Angelou was last heard in her eulogy for Nelson Mandela. Certainly she will be remembered for her words, but we share here her voice, which harkened the oral tradition of Black America to empower each spoken word with a majesty and spirit that reached to the heavens.


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