(Re)remembering Ruby Dee’s Passing

I must admit when I first heard her name spoken a couple of weeks ago on the local NPR station, I thought I had no clue who Ruby Dee was until I saw her picture again.  Who can forget Ruby Dee, the longtime actress of the big screen and small, whose loving union with Ossie Davis brought together two immensely passionate and gifted thespians that endured the strife of segregation and was a source for social change? In fact, I was little aware of the activism she was apart of throughout her life, especially her participation in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

Sometimes I forget the march was far more than MLK’s speech, nor was it solely a product of his labor, but rather it was the dedication and commitment from people, like Ruby and other leaders, whose combined efforts helped pull off the history-making protest, all in an immense effort to both change the face of American society and address income inequality. Two issues we still face today!

But I’ll let Ms. Dee describe the march in her own words:

Her spirit will surely be missed.



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