Ananda Nahu’s Black Brazil

Lavishly packing her murals in deep reds and strong oranges, Ananhu Nahu has spent the past decade perfecting a craft we in the US call graffiti, but what she knows as pichação, a form of tagging that has taken over the streets of Brazil and can even be scene on display in art galleries as far as NYC and Paris. Ananhu has also been integral in transforming pichação into a ‘legitimate’ art form, which can mow be appreciated in art galleries across the world like other fine artistic styles. Here you will see images of her murals that feature famous people across the Black Diaspora and her aptitude for seamlessly infusing her pichação with stenciled images. In fact, she worked alongside Izolag in creating a piece considered to be the largest stencil painting in the entire world. You can read more about this emerging artist here and the emerging Afro-Brazilian graffiti movement here.


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